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Aug. 24th, 2014


(no subject)

A couple days ago I had a dream about my Brain and Dreaming class. I try this experiment every year, and I tell my students to attempt to come to class in a dream. This year I was successful and dreamed about being in the same classroom. Some of the students I met this year were there but I could only see the faces of the few people that I remember most. Others were there but I could not see their faces. It has been about a month since the time when I was using my lucid dreaming technique using the infinity symbol. This means it took about a month for my unconscious mind to create the dream, but it was very vivid and very much like real life. This means that this year's experiment was a success.


The only other thing I remember about the dream was that one of my students gave me a red rose. We had been talking about the surreal and the Jungian archetype of the Self. After I accepted the rose the stem broke off and it floated in the classroom of its own accord. When I woke up, I realized that I had seen the rose before in a Salvador Dali painting. I had been given a symbol of surrealism within the dream.

dali rose
"Meditative Rose" by Salvador Dali

Jul. 29th, 2014


Transhumanist Existentialism and the Extension of Self

"In the Post-Modern era we all exist partially within the hyper-real. We have extended ourselves into the network in the form of profiles, blogs, instantaneous communications, and the search engine. We have extended the Self toward the Other by “friending” and “following” and microblogging our minutia. Within the network we include the Other within our Self by the quality of our connections. In this way we have achieved a synthetic hive mind; Jung’s collective unconscious flickering with pixels, light, and information. Our neurons have extended themselves into wire and silicon; our brains have remade themselves into a cybernetic form of awareness. In this way we have all transcended the real and are unified with the abstract, synthetic and the imaginal realms of existence."

-Kat Hawks, M.A.-


Jul. 28th, 2014


What Do Buddhists Mean When They Talk About Emptiness?

"In all these cases, these teachings were aimed at getting people to focus on the quality of the perceptions and intentions in their minds in the present—in other words, to get them into the emptiness mode. Once there, they could use the teachings on emptiness for their intended purpose: to loosen all attachments to views, stories, and assumptions, leaving the mind empty of all the greed, anger; and delusion, and thus empty of suffering and stress. And when you come right down to it, that's the emptiness that really counts."

Full Article:


Jul. 26th, 2014


Anatta: the Buddhist concept of No-Self

"People are often perplexed by the Buddha’s teaching of anatta, or not-self. One reason is because in different religions and schools of psychotherapy and philosophy, as well as in everyday language, the word “self” is used in many ways. When people talk about “the self” without defining their terms, they may be unknowingly talking about different things."

oversoul alex grey
"Oversoul" by Alex Grey

Jul. 25th, 2014


You are living in a dream world

Simulacra and Simulation: Baudrillard and The Matrix

Link to Article:

Jul. 24th, 2014


The interactivity of men has become the interactivity of screens

" We used to live in the imaginary world of the mirror, of the divided self and of the stage, of otherness and alienation. Today we live in the imaginary world of the screen, of the interface and the reduplication of contiguity and networks. All our machines are screens. We too have become screens, and the interactivity of men has become the interactivity of screens." Jean Baudrillard - Xerox & Infinity.

May. 3rd, 2007


a bit of Buddhist humor to lighten the mood


Move along, there's nothing to see here...

"The instantaneousness of a body which is meaningless and which has nothing to say but simply exists, has a kind of stupefying effect on its spectators"

"Precisely because there is nothing to see, people approach, lean over and flair out this hallucinating hyper-resemblance, haunting in its friendliness. They lean over to see an astounding thing: an image where there is nothing to see"


One year ago the story broke that guerilla graffiti artist Banksy had smuggled 500 doctored copies of Paris Hilton's debut album into stores throughout the UK, where they sold without anyone knowing they were fake. He replaced the liner notes with pictures of Paris naked and others with her face replaced by a dog. The song titles were changed to a list of questions, including"Why am I famous?", "What have I done?" and "What am I for?" He even replaced the actual music with 40 minutes of Paris saying "that's hot" over and over and over to a basic beat.

Kiss of Death

Obscenity of information

"Obscenity begins when there is no more spectacle, no more stage, no more theatre, no more illusion, when everything becomes immediately transparent, visible, exposed in the raw and inexorable light of information and communication. We no longer partake of the drama of alienation, but are in the ecstasy of comminication"

"Obscenity is not confined to sexuality, because today there is a pornography of information and communication, a pornography of circuits and networks...."

"It is no longer the obscenity of the hidden, the repressed, the obscure, but that of the visible, the all-too-visible, the more visible than visible...."

Lost referential

(Picture  courtesy of 300, not only fabulously historically innacurate but also the most hyperreal movie I have ever seen)

"Myth, chased from the real by the violence of history, finds refuge in cinema"

"History is our lost referential, that is to say our myth"

"The great event of this period, the great trauma, is this decline of strong referentals, these death pangs of the real and of the rational that open onto an age of simulation"

"History thus made its triumphal entry into cenema, posthumously. Its reinjection has no value as conscious awareness but only as nostalgia for a lost referental"


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